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1 Favorite Place
  My friends and I often go to a small cafe in our spare time. It just locates in our neighborhood so it’s very convenient for us.
  For one thing, we can enjoy its famous cappuccino coffee, chocolate ice cream, the cherry cake and cookies, etc. There are really some good tastes of coffee and ice cream, which are worth trying. Most importantly, they are not expensive.
  Besides, I think it is quite a good place where I can talk with my friends, share our happiness, or play chess.
  In addition, there are also some fashionable magazines that people can read for free.

2 Best Gift
  The best gift I have ever got is a computer. My father bought for me two years ago. Although its model is a bit out of date, its performance is still in good conditions. I spend at least 5 hours in front of my computer everyday.
  Mostly importantly, it is a tool for my study and work. It can help me to finish my paper, make presentation slides, do the lab data analysis, or download some materials for study.
  Besides, in my spare time, I use my computer to surf online to get latest news, to find some useful information I need, or sometimes I can chat with friends with the help of it. So it seems that I can hardly imagine how my life would be like if without it.

3 Characteristics of a colleague
  Well, in my point of a view, firstly, a colleague is supposed to be efficient in work. When given a task by the boss, all the team members should take their duties and cooperate well in order to finish it quickly. If one of the colleagues is slow and left behind, a project will be delayed.
  Secondly, I think a colleague should be ready to help others. When a new employee comes to the company, he knows little about the work, so it is his colleagues who are supposed to help him. But there are some staff members who wouldn’t like to help others, for they are afraid that others will be better than them.
  On the whole, in the modern society, all colleagues have to cooperate with each other. So these characteristics are of great importance